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Expert resume of Ulf Köping-Höggård

Senior legal advisor of  Svenska Handelsbanken AB (publ).

Mr. Köping-Höggård graduated as LLB, Stockholm University, 1977 and started his career the same year as a legal clerk to a  judge at the National  Swedish Judiciary. 

He was appointed to Associate Judge of District  Court 1981. In 1987 he joined the Ministry of Finance as a legal expert and principal secretary of the Securities Market Committee which made a complete reappraisal of legislation on the Swedish security market  (SOU 1989:72). After the Committee had finished their reappraisal he went back to Svea Court of  Appeal as, Deputy Judge of Appeal. He joined Svenska Handelsbanken the same year as Senior Vice President with a focus on the capital and security market. He was appointed General Counsel of Svenska Handelsbanken 2002, a position he retired from in 2015. During his time as General Counsel, he was also at times Head of Group Compliance and Head of Anti Money Laundering. From 2015 he has given legal advice to management. He will retire from the Svenska Handelsbanken March 2021.  The variation of work assignments during his career has given him a broad knowledge of legal matters. 

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