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Expert resume of Bruno Bianchini

Upon completion of his MBA in financial markets in 1997, Bruno decided to specialize in agricultural commodities. He left Europe to go and explore new challenges in natural resources-rich countries such as Ivory Coast and completed his final training at the Ministry for Commodities in Abidjan, learning coffee & cocoa trading.

Enriched by this new expertise, he then join Cargill as a Coffee Trader in New York and later Geneva. His main activities were on the Futures Desk, managing the portfolio, dealing with the largest coffee roasters and sourcing coffee across the world

In 2000, the liberalization of the European energy market, gave Bruno’s career a new impetus, which led him to join SKM Energy & BKW to become one of the first European Power trader  & broker to deal with the French market, then he traded oil contracts for Energex on Monaco.

He then moved to BGC partners to set-up their new commodity desk for the Paris office. He analyzed every commodity asset class and interviewed its key players and largest brokers.

He also strategically advised BGC Partners on how to implement a detailed European mapping of the commodity markets, with selecting key target companies to take over.

Later, he was assigned to set-up a derivatives exchange in Africa, (Bourse Africa) out of Mauritius. He advised and trained Regulators, Ministries, Central Banks, and a swathe of financial intermediaries on the benefits of regulated derivatives markets in Africa.

This last experience led him to broaden his expertise as an international commodity & finance consultant by working on some high-level advisory missions for the United Nations, African development bank, World bank and Governments with regard to setting-up commodity exchanges across African countries.

Finally, the numerous experiences he has gained in the African mining sector have enabled Bruno to develop a proven expertise in the precious metals industry which led him a few years later to design the strategy of a physical trading platform out of Australia, with multiple trading hubs across the world.

Today he is concentrating his efforts in the digital revolution, by learning & soon implementing blockchain architectures, smart contracts and Artificial Intelligence in the African markets.