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Crisis in Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, while first and foremost a horrific humanitarian disaster, has enormous implications for financial markets, financial contracts, and financial market dispute settlement. 


On 3 May, P.R.I.M.E. Finance held a roundtable in New York to discuss the crisis arising from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its implications for the financial markets and legal disputes. Nigel Gould-Davies, Senior Fellow for Russia and Eurasia for the International Institute for Strategic Studies and former senior British diplomat, opened the discussion by sharing his thoughts on the origins of the Ukraine crisis and the prospects of resolution. Subsequent panels discussed market implications of the crisis and the prospect for disputes involving financial instruments, such as credit default swaps and sovereign debt. For more information see here.

Information hubs: 

In an effort to assist market participants in anticipating the range of potential issues, P.R.I.M.E. Finance has collated the following materials covering relevant information on the issues and/or legal analysis. If you are aware of other sites of relevance, please contact secretary@primefinancedisputes.org.

The following links connect to hubs that provide a variety of information regarding the situation in Ukraine. Please note that some of the information linked on the sites may be password-protected or may require registration in order to access the information.

Law firm analyses: The following law firms are producing analyses of the situation in Ukraine and the effect on markets and market participants. These are generally accessible without the need to register on the website.